SBEM calculations – Design stage and As built

York EPC can produce SBEM Calculations (Simplified Building Energy Model) on a complete range of buildings from a small retail unit to a large school or office block. Naturally with such a varied range and size of property the prices vary considerably. Our prices start at £150 plus VAT and are calculated on the floor area and number of rooms.

To enquire about obtaining an SBEM Calculation simply fill in our online enquiry form and we will respond the same working day to confirm a price and arrange a date and time if you wish to proceed. We aim to carry out the assessment within 72 hours of an enquiry and the completed EPC report is delivered within 48 hours of the assessment.

When would I legally need an SBEM Calculation?

SBEM calculations are required to demonstrate that any new building with a floor area greater than 50m² has been designed and built to comply with building regulations Part L2A (2013 edition).

SBEM is used to determine CO2 emission rates for a new building (BER), which must be no worse than the defined target emission rate (TER) in order to comply.

SBEM calculations are need at the design stage of a new non-domestic building or a building extension and also once construction is completed.