Display Energy Certificates

York EPC can produce Display Energy Certificates (DEC) on a complete range of buildings from 250m² floor area upwards. Our prices start at £150 plus VAT and are calculated on the floor area and number of rooms.

To enquire about a Display Energy Certificate simply fill in our online enquiry form and we will respond the same working day to confirm a price and arrange a date and time if you wish to proceed. We aim to carry out the assessment within 72 hours of an enquiry and the completed DEC report is delivered within 48 hours of the assessment.

When would I legally need a Display Energy Certificate?

A DEC and advisory report are required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 250m² that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and frequently visited by the public.

Private organisations, including those that may share a building with a relevant institution, do not need to display a DEC, but may elect to do so on a voluntary basis.

If you are an occupier of a building requiring a DEC, you will need to display a DEC showing an operational rating in a prominent place clearly visible to the public. You will also need to have in your possession or control a valid advisory report.

What information does a Display Energy Certificate contain?

A DEC shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded over the last 12 months within the validity period of the DEC (the operational rating). The operational rating is a numerical indicator of the actual annual carbon dioxide emissions from the building.

The various types of energy consumption from occupying a building must be brought together on a common basis so that the performance of one building can be compared with that of another. The UK has decided that the common unit should be CO2 emissions, since this is a key driver for energy policy.

This rating is shown on a scale from A to G, where A is the lowest CO2emissions (best) and G is the highest CO2 emissions (worst).