Feed in Tariff (FiT)

What is the Feed in Tariff (FiT)?

The Feed in Tariff is a government incentive paid by the UK’s energy suppliers, which encourages the installation of renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic panels (PV) and wind turbines. It is administered by Ofgem, the body that regulates the UK’s gas and electricity industry and incentivises home owners, communities and businesses to install low carbon technologies through the payment of a tariff for the electricity that their property generates (known as the generation tariff) and a tariff for their surplus electricity, which is exported back in to the grid (known as the export tariff).

The property owner receives a set amount for each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity generated with varying rates depending on:

  • the size of system
  • what technology is installed
  • when the system was installed

You do not have to apply to your current energy suppliers for the FiT, you can choose a different one from the list of registered suppliers.

How do I apply?

In order to be able to claim the higher level of the FiT it is necessary to obtain a valid domestic EPC or non-domestic EPC (depending on your property type) which has a ‘D’ rating or better and the installation must be carried out by an MCS certified installer.

The EPC and MCS certificate are the two documents you will need for your application and to find out more about the scheme we would recommend this helpful Ofgem factsheet as a good starting point.